Bring Love To Crissy Field

The world’s attention will be on San Francisco this coming Saturday as white supremacists gather at Crissy Field to spew evil.

Emboldened by our racist and sexist president, the white supremacists plan a Patriot Prayer’s Freedom Rally San Francisco on Saturday in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, an iconic national symbol. The aim of the white supremacists is to celebrate their leader, Donald Trump, in an attempt to normalize him, Nazism, the KKK and their hatred.

The number of racists gathering at the park will undoubtedly be small if this celebration of racism and hatred is even allowed to happened, but it’s imperative that Bay Area people show up in huge numbers to peacefully—and peacefully is the key word here—protest the evil.

Last weekend, thousands of Boston area residents showed up to protest a similar white supremacist rally. There was no violence, and the small number of Trump supporters, under police protection, were escorted safely away. This is what needs to happen in San Francisco, with the exception that the number of counter protestors should be larger than the some 40,000 heroes that marched against hatred in Boston.

Do not succumb to apathy. Do not succumb to the argument that everyone knows that Bay Area people are generally known as liberal and loving so there’s no reason to show up. It is vitally important in these uncertain and erratic times under the Trump regime that people show up and then show the nation that our country will not tolerate racism and fascism.

I don’t think it’s unrealistic to hope for at least 75,000 people to show up. A larger, peaceful crowd of counter protestors—bring children, pets, signs, bikes, love, etc.—will ensure there’s no violence unless it’s started by the Trumpites, who will be massively out numbered.

Some liberal and well-intentioned voices are urging people to not openly confront the racists, arguing that the white supremacists and Trump supporters want to provoke violence to somehow gain sympathy for their hatred. But peaceful, non-violent protest in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King is patriotic and makes our country a great nation. Do not be afraid.

Let’s not forget that this is the 50th-year anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco. Bring love to Crissy Field this Saturday.

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