Time To Show Up

Now is the time for Bay Area residents to get involved in protesting emboldened white supremacists under the Trump regime.

On Saturday, Patriot Prayer, an Oregon group with ties to racial hatred and right-wing nationalism will hold an event at Crissy Field in the Golden Gate Recreational Area from 2 to 5 p.m. On Sunday, even though it wasn’t issued a permit, another right-wing group is still expected to gather at Berkeley’s Civic Center Park from 1 to 5 p.m. under the title “No To Marxism.”

The events are expect to draw thousands of counter protestors either at the sites or at other events held throughout the area.

It is important to show up and peacefully protest. Obviously, there is a potential for violence because white supremacists will undoubtedly try to provoke it or, like in Charlottesville, simply attack people, but I endorse protesting in the peaceful tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King. People can also choose to attend events away from the sites themselves. There’s also safety in numbers.

Here’s a list of events and meeting places and times from Bay Resistance, which has this to say on its site:

This weekend, whether we choose to line up in front of the fascists to oppose their racism; rally to celebrate our values of justice and inclusion at a different location; provide childcare for marchers with little ones; or simply show up en masse to overwhelm them with our presence, we can all contribute.

But the organization does note there are risks:

That said, there are very real risks and dangers to those who choose to participate. We know from previous white supremacist actions in the area that regardless of what we do, the white supremacists are likely to incite violence and may even attack isolated people on the surrounding streets. Bay Resistance has worked with many of the organizers planning the protests and we offer the following information so you can determine what makes sense for you.

Here’s the Facebook page for Bay Resistance to stay updated. Please check this page before you head out Saturday and Sunday.

Many well-intentioned leaders and people have encouraged people to stay away from the rally sites themselves and protest in different locations, and that’s a good option, but I also think it’s important for people to show up at the rallies themselves and peacefully protest.

No matter what, bring your love for humanity on Saturday and Sunday.

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