An Act Of Cruelty

(Protests against the inhumane decision will be held at 5 p.m. today, Sept. 5, at the federal building in San Francisco and at University of California-Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza.)

If the liar-in-chief does effectively end the DACA program, it could be remembered as one of the cruelest and despicable actions ever taken by an American president.

I use the qualifier “could” because we don’t know what horrors lurk in our future under the Trump regime. This might even seem minor down the road if Trump ignites a nuclear war.

DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It’s a program started by former President Barack Obama that allows immigrant people who grew up in the country after being brought here as children to work and live in the United States. The participants in the program are called Dreamers, who number nearly 800,000. Some 70 percent of them are from Mexico.

The program solved the dilemma of the legal status of people who grew up in this country without really experiencing day-to-day life in their origin country. The U.S. is, in many cases for the nearly 800,00 Dreamers, the only country they really know. To not allow them to work or stay here, puts them in a precarious situation, all for something they didn’t make the decision to do.

Let’s be clear: Trump’s decision to end DACA, even with the six-month implementation delay, is yet another expression of racial hate like his “many sides” and “both sides” comments after the Charlottesville tragedy in which a young woman was killed by a neo-Nazi. Trump is feeding this racial hate once again undoubtedly to secure political support as investigators close in on his presidential campaign ties to Russia and the country’s role in illegally interfering with our most recent presidential election.

Supposedly, the decision to delay the termination of the program is ostensibly to give Congress time to act to deal with immigration issues, and, by extension, that’s why Trump made the decision so public as he manipulated the media into breathless coverage over the holiday weekend. Attorney generals in 11 states have also threatened to sue to end the program and Jeff Sessions, Trump’s own Attorney General, said such a suit would probably be successful, which is debatable.

The Dreamers could face deportation, especially if Congress doesn’t act quickly. (Here’s a rundown of the specifics.) But the Republican majorities in the House and Senate are divided. Who knows if Trump would sign a bill to save or modify the program, anyway? This is the person whose signature campaign rhetoric involved building a giant wall between Mexico and the United States and putting Americans first. Trump has not backed away from that rhetoric since taking office.

Donald Trump is a narcissistic bully who sees his sadism as a strength and his coded support for fascism a legitimate, political mandate given to him by the country’s white supremacists and alt-right nationalists. Even if his presidency ends in a scandal beyond historical comparison—and that could conceivably happen—the damage and horror Trump will have wrought will live on in countless ways. The elimination of DACA will be one of them.

The dark days of the Trump regime continue. The world is appalled by its cruelty.

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