At What Price For Democrats?

The liar-in-chief isn’t intelligent enough or motivated enough to learn policy details. His only concern, as he has proven again and again, is his public perception and some distorted and immoral concept of winning and losing.

Donald Trump lies. His history shows he betrays people whenever and however he wants. He’s a narcissistic bully, a racist and a sexist. It’s not hyperbole to suggest Trump is in the process of destroying the country’s democratic structures for the simple reason that his massive and craven ego demands it.

So the question becomes this: Is there a price Democrats pay for trying to manipulate Trump into supporting various votes or positions? I think there is.

Mainstream media outlets were breathless over the news last week that Trump supported the Democrats’ plan on financial relief needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey by temporarily raising the debt ceiling. When House minority leader Nancy Pelosi apparently was successful in urging Trump to tweet that DACA participants were safe from deportation—at least for a grant total of six months—the media cheered it on as a big victory for Democrats.

Was it really a victory or are Democrats falling into the same trap of so many of Trump’s victims?

Take away the basic fact that Pelosi’s and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s interaction with the abuser normalizes him. Their bargain with the liar comes with a price that he will exact in the form of his choosing. Who knows what that price might be? The time will come when payment to Trump is due, and if it doesn’t happen the consequences could be enormous.

Meanwhile, as we witness the devastation of the global warming denied by Trump and his Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt, both Pelosi and Schumer apparently got their supposed big wins. For liberals, this should be just as discouraging as Trump’s election in the first place. It shows again national Democratic Party leaders have learned little from the general election in 2016.

I recognize the counter argument that Democrats should get what they can from a president blowing the system up out of his own selfishness. What if, for example, Trump announced his support for a Medicare-for-all health care system that U.S. Senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris are bringing to the senate? Use him for the greater good? I get it. But Democrats don’t need to or should hold hands with Trump on any given issue. Let Trump try to manipulate his image. Democrats need to be concerned about the country and humanity in general.

It can’t be said enough. These are not normal times. We can’t let the Trump regime lull us to sleep with deflections or minor victories. Pelosi got a terse tweet for the Dreamers out of a deal with Trump, but what she’s going to do when he starts the deportations?

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