Protest Against UC Shapiro Talk Set For Today

While mainstream media outlets parse through the latest Donald Trump discombobulation on DACA—don’t forget the liar-in-chief was the one who actually ended the program—the resistance grows here in the Bay Area.

It’s a story that’s not getting adequately reported. People opposed to Trump’s fascist, sexist and racist agenda, sometimes demonized and lump together as the antifa, are organizing and showing up on the streets on a regular basis here, one of the birthplaces of the counter culture movement in the 1960s. They aren’t sitting idly by as the country faces a real fascist threat or normalizing the Trump regime.

Today, the Refuse Fascism organization is holding a rally at 6 p.m. at Sproul Plaza in Berkeley to protest Ben Shapiro’s speech at the University of California. Although Shapiro is sometimes labeled by the media as just another conservative hack, his rhetoric proves otherwise. Here’s an example of his “conservative” rhetoric:

If you pay tuition, you’re sponsoring the militant homosexual agenda. If you pay taxes, you’re sponsoring the militant homosexual agenda. If your child majors in English, you’re sponsoring the militant homosexual agenda. Tell Billy to major in math.

Why even bring this type hate and weirdness and provocative nonsense to a college campus? All it does is normalize this type of speech and incite protests. Shapiro has numerous forums in which to spew his alt-right hatred. Bringing hate speech to a place such as Berkeley is only about the theater not actual ideas or debate.

Supporters of Shapiro, which include some pundits in the mainstream media, make a big deal over the fact he wasn’t a Trump supporter, but many of his ideas parallel the Trump regime’s agenda, such as blatant transphobia and the denial of climate change.

Meanwhile, the Berkeley City Council has voted to allow police officers to use pepper spray to help control crowds. This is in direct response to protests like the one happening today. Anyone who believes all is liberal in Berkeley should wrap their head around that fact. The authorities here are worried about the people fighting fascism not the people promoting it.

As Refuse Fascism points out, “There is NO moral “equivalence” between those who are seeking to impose white supremacy and fascism on society and those who are fighting against this nightmare.”

It must be stated again and again. These are not normal times. The unhinged, egomaniac Trump is a liar and a deceiver. As the investigation over his collusion with Russia in the 2016 election continues, Trump is trying to dismantle our basic democratic structures, what he lightly calls “draining the swamp.”

I believe in peaceful protest in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the vast majority of people resisting Trump also believe in non-violent actions, but let’s be clear that it was the hate mongers such as Shapiro and Trump who ignited the fire and continue to pour fuel into it.

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