Leadership Vacuum As Trump Tries To Deflect Russia Investigation

Donald Trump is a bigot. Sad. #DonaldTrumpIsABigot. Believe me.

I’m just mirroring the language stylistics of our dotard-in-chief, who has disgraced if not destroyed the credibility of the United States presidency and who faces a major investigation over his regime’s obvious collusion with Russia to win the office he now desecrates virtually every day.

Trump’s concern with the subdued protests of NFL and NBA players over the weekend is both a deflection and a failure of leadership. It’s a deflection because Trump’s open bigotry—he only criticizes minorities as unpatriotic—is both a shoutout and a wink wink to his base and a way to shift attention away from the Russia investigation. It’s a failure of leadership because hurricane recovery efforts in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and other places are ongoing and require the consistent leadership of the president. Puerto Rico, in particular, needs immediate help.

There’s also the war Trump is trying to start with North Korea and the GOP health-care bill lies that all collapse on the party yesterday.

Some people might argue it’s just Trump’s malignant narcissism with which we’re dealing, not a calculated deflection, but I think the liar-in-chief, even if it’s just unconscious or intuitive, knows he’s eventually going to face some very serious charges ranging from active collusion with a Russian government in destabilizing the last presidential election in his favor to obstruction of justice to financial corruption.

The man investigating him, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, has focused his discovery efforts on Paul Manforte, a former Trump campaign manager, but that’s just one aspect of a wide-ranging investigation that, according to media reports, grows by the day. Let’s not forget that Trump’s admission alone to Russian leaders that his firing of former FBI James Comey was to stop the investigation into his corrupt presidential regime makes him susceptible to obstruction charges.

Trump’s only hope is for Republican leaders, who he insults on a regular basis, and his hardcore base, which will certainly protest if he’s charged in any way, remain loyal to him. The immoral, flaky GOP leadership will move away from Trump if it looks like they will pay a political cost. It will have nothing to do with justice or truth or reality. Trump’s base, at least at this point, seems like it will hold strong no matter what he does or say. They would have even apparently allow him to take away their health insurance without even a peep of protest.

So what we can expect is more jingoistic, bigoted nonsense from Trump’s Twitter account that has nothing to do with immediate and long-term issues facing the country. That his tweets have turned the office of president into the poster child of cyber bullying, racism and sexism has become obvious to the rational. What does the portend for the future of the presidential office? Not anything good.

Meanwhile, Puerto Ricans, who are U.S. citizens, face a major humanitarian crisis. As I write this, power is complete off in the country because of the damage done to its power grid by Hurricane Maria. The U.S. military needs to mobilize and get people help. But the so-called leader of the free world is throwing temper tantrums and picking fights with professional athletes. #NeedLeadership.

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