Tax Cut Proposal Helps Out Rich Business Owners Like Trump The Most

Donald Trump’s tax cut plan completely undermines his campaign message that he has empathy for the middle class.

By now, as everyone should know, any action taken by Trump is an action to help himself or his businesses. The idea that he’s a populist is absurd. The Trump presidency is a reflection of the malignant narcissism that fuels it, and Republicans leaders gleefully latch on to the sickness and immorality when it can help them sell their own lies.

The Big Lie is that tax cuts for the wealthy help the overall economy, but Trump and the GOP are going to try to sell this tired canard once again. What’s most important to note is that the plan specifically reduces taxes on the richest people in the country and lowers taxes for big corporations, It doesn’t offer any real, solid plan to help the middle class, except for increasing the standard deduction, which could be negligible in many cases because of the elimination of other tax breaks.

The details could change, of course, but we know this: The contours of the tax-cut plan rolled out Wednesday in Indianapolis by the liar-in-chief will help out rich business owners like Trump the most. The plan, for example, would reduce the top individual tax income bracket from 39.5. percent to 35 percent, and cut the corporate tax from 35 percent to 20 percent. It would eliminate the estate tax, which means Trump can leave his business empire to his family tax free.

The plan raises the bottom individual tax bracket from 10 percent to 12 percent.

Cut taxes on the rich. Raise them on the poor. It doesn’t get any clearer that that. Somehow, though, we are supposed to see this as helping the middle class, which Trump’s base will believe because his supporters believe any dangerous or foolish lie their demigod presents them.

About the tax cuts, Trump said, “It’s not good for me, believe me.” Whenever Trump says, “believe me,” don’t. He’s lying in order to get more money, which is how he has made a living his entire adult life.

Trump’s plan to cut his own taxes the most is immoral and repugnant. It will increase income inequality in an era of stagnant wages for workers and big profits for shareholders of major companies. I predict the Republican leadership will not only go along with Trump but will make the income gap even wider in this country through more tax breaks for the wealthy.

It’s been clear now for a while that the Republican Party is now built on lies and ideological and illogical conjecture. Their main ideas have been the same for more than three decades. The details of the tax-cut plan, at this point, don’t matter as much as The Big Lie, i.e., helping out the rich folk eventually helps out the poor folk.

Cutting the taxes of rich people has never helped poor people. Never.

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