Planet Loses Again Under Pruitt

As the Trump regime burnished its racist bonafides over the last couple of days—Vice President Mike Pence’s divisive, bigoted stunt at a football game and the liar-in-chief’s proclamation celebrating the genocidal murderer Christopher Columbus—the larger story suddenly became its hatred for the entire planet.

On Monday, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt announced he was going to do away with the Clean Power Plan developed during President Barack Obama’s tenure to limit air pollution and carbon emissions. Pruitt is apparently doubling down on helping the financials of the struggling coal industry, which is an illogical and terribly short-sighted decision.

Pruitt’s inane reason for his latest move in imperiling our planet is that the Obama-era plan picks “winners and losers.” Here’s the full, ludicrous quote from CNN, which not surprisingly is yet another Trump-regime lie:

When you think about what that rule meant, it was about picking winners and losers. Regulatory power should not be used by any regulatory body to pick winners and losers. The past administration was using every bit of power and authority to use the EPA to pick winners and losers and how we generate electricity in this country. That’s wrong.

No, let’s think about it realistically if thinking about it. The rule was about decreasing manmade carbon emissions to try to only limit the damage caused by air pollution and by global warming, the signs of which are all around us, from shrinking coastlines to more intense weather events. Coal is a dirty source of energy that with the advent of wind power and increased natural gas production used to produce electricity has become anachronistic and its use should be regulated to history books.

Increasing the amount of coal burning and artificially propping up the coal industry are acts of terrorism on the planet. The same holds true for relaxing regulations on hydraulic fracturing and methane emissions. Pruitt can talk in GOP code all he wants. He’s the one picking the winners and losers. Pruitt has a long, sordid history of favoring the fossil-fuel industry at the expense of the planet or people’s individual health.

The amount of suffering and damage caused by air pollution and global warming is mounting and has been well documented. Coal has been a major source of air pollution throughout history and has caused asthma-related conditions and death. Carbon emissions from combustible engines in vehicles and other machinery has also contributed to the crisis. Under another EPA administrator, the government agency estimated the Clean Power Plan could stop 2,700 to 6,600 early deaths and eliminate as many as140,000 to 150,000 asthma attacks in children.

Notably, Pruitt doesn’t and probably won’t discuss these issues. Instead, he divorces himself from reality, which has to happen for any person to argue the indefensible and the immoral. In the past, when confronted about the issue of global warming and clean air, Pruitt said, “As much as we want to see progress made with clean air and clean water, with an understanding that we can also grow jobs, we have to do so within the framework of what Congress has passed.”

But the issue isn’t about jobs, although one can certainly argue renewable energy production has created job opportunities and will continue to do so. It’s about individual medical outcomes and the sustainability of the planet. It’s about doing what’s logical and intellectual. The revival of the coal industry is a mythological fantasy as wind power and solar production grow and as car manufacturers announce bold plans for new fleets of electric cars. The market made the decision years ago.

The elimination of the plan will by law mean public hearings will have be scheduled, but this seems like a done deal by the Trump regime regardless of the outcry.

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