Steyer Launches Campaign To Impeach Trump

California businessman Tom Steyer is spending $10 million in an effort to get the tyrant Donald Trump impeached, prompting state pundits to speculate he’s just looking to create name awareness for a possible run against Trump apologizer U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein or maybe considering a gubernatorial bid in 2018.

I say good for him and let’s hope he really does run for the Senate against the 84-year-old Feinstein, who is the quintessential establishment politician with a mindset that gave us Trump. Any awareness that can be raised about the Trump regime is always worth the effort, and Feinstein’s decision to run for reelection after serving in the Senate since 1992 will go down in the annals of American political history as the epitome of indulgence, privilege and hubris.

I get it that some people might believe $10 million might be better spent in other ways that may seem more typically altruistic, but these are not normal times. Trump represents a real threat to our democracy, and he’s already diminished the office of presidency in ways we can’t even understand at this point. He’s a malignant narcissist with the authority to launch nuclear weapons and surrounds himself with immoral sycophants, who will do his bidding at any cost.

Steyer is donating his millions to advertise the campaign.

An op-ed in The Los Angeles Times weighed in on Steyer’s action speculating the billionaire businessman—noted for his progressive views on the environment—is trying to develop name recognition for a political campaign. The editorial was headlined, “Is billionaire Tom Steyer serious about impeaching Trump or just building his brand?” I’m always struck how the supposedly liberal media holds progressives to a different standard than conservative extremists. The huckster Trump is nothing but a brand.

Note the snark in the editorial, which agued, “From one perspective, this seems like a terribly foolish investment so long as Republicans are in control of Congress.”

”Terribly foolish”? This is a classic media normalization of a political process that no longer honors the structures of democracy. From the mainstream media standpoint, it’s always a horse race in which “both sides” in the political schema have to be covered equally, no matter if one side is a borderline fascist movement rooted in racism, sexism and other forms of hatred. In other words, it’s terribly foolish to dare speak up against danger. Better just to give up, everyone, and let Feinstein handle it.

One can find this same superior tone in a recent piece in The San Francisco Chronicle by the city’s former mayor Willie Brown, who thinks Feinstein is sure to get reelected. Headlined,”Smart money is on Feinstein in 2018,” the story confidently states, “Sen. Dianne Feinstein doesn’t need to worry about being challenged for re-election by state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León or any other single candidate.” That’s about as smirky and smug as one can get and dismisses a huge faction of the Democratic Party right now in California. That’s not a good strategy for Democrats, but that’s where we’re at right now.

As a progressive, I, too, get tired of the continuing Clinton/Sanders, centrist/progressive intraparty tension until I read snarky pieces by people supporting establishment politicians, who won’t change their centrist-right stances and are absolutely responsible for the Trump nightmare because of their privilege and indifference to ordinary people. Then I get angry and realize what people are up against in the national Democratic Party, which has lost its moral compass. Its leadership, at this point, seems bound to repeat the mistakes of 2016 as it purges liberal voices and moves even further to the right to normalize and accommodate a tyrant.

Americans will never stop fascism by apologizing for it as Feinstein did when she recently said she thought Trump had the capability to be a good president. He doesn’t have such a capability and he never will. Talk about someone being “terribly foolish.” Feinstein is obviously out of touch. That’s the best one can say about her.

Maybe a liberal billionaire who isn’t afraid to stand up to a tyrant and spend his money to do so is just what we need right now.

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