California Progressives Gain Momentum In Trump Era

As the Donald Trump regime’s corrupt discombobulation continues in Washington, progressives are getting busy in California by challenging an establishment, centrist-right Democratic Party politician for office, pushing for single-payer health coverage that guarantees everyone in the state access to medical care and kickstarting a presidential impeachment campaign.

It’s imminently clear that now is exactly the time for liberals to demand more influence in the Democratic Party and to advance ideas that are clearly logical and based on evidence and reality while challenging the Republican orthodoxy based on illogical almost cartoonish premises and now calculating and obvious lying by its current authoritarian leader.

California Senate leader Kevin de León has announced he will run against 84-year-old U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is part of the problem within the Democratic Party and in Washington politics altogether. Her decision to run again after some 25 years in office is a case study in hubris and privilege and why the Democratic Party has lost appeal. As the centrist-right Senator in California, Feinstein has become a Trump apologizer. She claims the tyrant can be a good president. De León, who is in tune with California progressives when it comes to the nightmare of the Trump presidency, will undoubtedly pose a serious challenge to Feinstein. Other potential candidates, such as California businessman Tom Steyer, could emerge as well to challenge Feinstein.

Meanwhile, Healthy California, the main organization behind the movement to bring single-payer medical care to the state, is alive and well. Because of its pressure, state government hearings were held this week on health care. One major issue looming over the hearings is whether SB 562, the single-payer bill passed by the state Senate, should proceed in the Assembly where it has been stalled. While there was has been no announced movement on the bill itself the Democratic-controlled legislature is getting the message that a majority of Californians want to guarantee medical access for everyone. It’s also important to note that in a recent gubernatorial debate among four announced candidates, single-payer was an issue that received considerable attention. Delanie Eastin, the former state schools chief, stood out for fully supporting single-payer coverage, but even the other three candidates agreed with the concept of universal care in varying degrees.

Finally, Steyer, who pundits speculate could be considering his own run against Feinstein or perhaps even a gubernatorial bid, recently launched a $10 million advertising campaign in an effort to bring impeachment charges against the tyrant Trump. By normalizing lies and deceit, Trump ensures instability in our political system. Steyer takes the Trump threat seriously unlike Feinstein, who seems oblivious to how much California Democrats feel unsettled and angered by the national political scene right now.

It looks grim in Washington right now and who knows where it all leads (keep your passport ready, folks), but there’s hope in California and that means there’s hope across the nation as long as the centrist-right Democrats don’t sell out once again.


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