Steyer Petition Obviously Worries Trump

California businessman and philanthropist Tom Steyer’s petition drive to urge impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump has collected more than 600,000 signatures and drawn the president’s personal wrath.

Steyer is spending $10 million to advertise the campaign, which has generated enough interest across the country that Trump felt the need to weigh in Friday on his Twitter account.

Steyer then fired right back at Trump.

The language on the petition is as straight-forward as Steyer’s tweet: “Donald Trump has brought us to the brink of nuclear war, obstructed justice, and taken money from foreign governments. We need to impeach this dangerous president.”

In a series of related tweets, Steyer also exposed the intraparty skirmish unfolding in the national Democratic Party pitting the centrist old guard—House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Chuck Schumer—against its growing liberal base, which has become emboldened and unified in anger by Trump’s calculating lying and his implicit support of the country’s white supremacist movement.

Note the references to Pelosi and Schumer, who have been exposed as fools by Trump. Pelosi and Schumer, as you might recall, had dinner with Trump, and then announced they had a made a deal with him to save the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which protects the legal status of some 800,000 people in this country. Those 800,000 people were brought to this country as children and came here through no fault of their own. Trump himself had ordered an end to the program based on what many people see as his racist and nationalistic ideology and agenda. He then made Pelosi and Schumer grovel and beg before him to save the program.

As of now, of course, there is no deal on DACA despite Pelosi’s and Schumer’s cowering and untrue announcement, and it certainly appears they were used by Trump to try to legitimize and normalize his presidency. Pelosi even had to leave a public-speaking engagement in San Francisco recently when DACA participants interrupted her and demanded she also work to ensure their parents and relatives could also stay in the country. Is she incapable of admitting she made a mistake? That seems her one of her flaws as a political leader.

It’s difficult to not see Pelosi and Schumer as Trump appeasers if not full-blown apologizers.

The Steyer petition comes as the centrist guard in the Democratic Party begin a purge of liberal-minded people from positions of influence, including those people who supported Bernie Sanders in the last presidential election. Left-wing populists, whether Sanders supporters or not, want the party to implement a more aggressive approach against Trump and support issues like universal health care, raising the minimum wage, free college tuition and student loan forgiveness.

More importantly, the petition’s launch and ongoing advertising campaign comes right as the the indictments are issued in the Trump-Russia collusion investigation led by Robert Mueller. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and campaign aide Rick Gates face multiple corruption charges. It was also revealed Monday that former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to federal officials about the campaign’s interaction with Russian officials.

Steyer’s petition and his remarks about Trump reverberate loudly in the context of the regime’s overall corruption and the unethical behavior of his campaign workers. Steyer’s petition and the interest it has generated is an unplanned but organic development as Trump faces continued backlash for his reckless governance and his campaign ties to Russia in order to sway the election in his favor.

The bottom line is that Steyer is doing what Pelosi and Schumer should have been doing since shortly after the presidential election when it became clear Trump would govern as an unstable tyrant, and that’s to seek Trump’s ouster. The fact Pelosi, in particular, will be leading the party into the 2018 Congressional elections should worry anyone that wants the party to stand for something rather than just to react to something. Maybe Steyer can cut through the party stagnation, but he will need help from California Democrats.

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