The Lame Democratic Party Response To Guilty Plea, Charges

Where is the national Democratic Party leadership now that Donald Trump’s presidency seems seriously threatened and undermined by recent charges against three of his campaign operatives?

Will Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer allow the Republicans to seize the narrative and present falsehoods about Hillary Clinton to deflect attention on the Trump regime’s very real collusion with Russia to sway the election in his favor?

These three, old-guard centrist Democrats seem more interested in annihilating the left flank of the party than standing up to the tyrant Trump.

As we all know, Trump advisor George Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to federal officials about his contacts with an operative, who claimed to have damaging information from high-ranking Russian officials about Hillary Clinton. The obvious reason Papadopoulos lied is because he knew the truth would clearly show the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, a hostile nation, to help him win the election.

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Trump campaign official Rick Gates also are facing serious charges of tax fraud and corruption, charges that are the result of Robert Mueller’s investigation and could end in lengthy prison sentences for the two. Unless the extremely specific charges are demonstrably false then they show Trump hired a crook as a campaign manager, who also had ties to Russia. This is more than just a shady, deceitful operator getting exposed. It’s a criminal gang with significant ties to Trump and Russian influence in his election.

This is all we got from the DNC yesterday from a spokesperson:

A member of President Trump’s campaign has now pled guilty (sic) to lying about the campaign’s contacts with Russia and admitted to having been told that the Russians had ‘thousands of emails’ that could damage Hillary Clinton well before it became public knowledge that this was true. We now know that the Trump team was approached multiple times with information about the Russian campaign to damage Hillary Clinton, and in each case, they appear to have welcomed the help.

Trump can no longer claim there is no evidence of collusion between his campaign and Russia. Congress must commit to protecting this investigation because we cannot trust the President of the United States.

So let’s get this straight. A sitting Republican president obviously colluded with a hostile foreign government to sway an election in his favor, a president who is compulsive liar suffering from a personality disorder yet the official Democratic response is only that we can’t trust him and Congress needs to investigate. That’s it? It’s as unbelievable as Trump’s own actions as president.

How about a call for impeachment or Trump’s ouster? How about a rehash of Trump’s lies and his deflection of the Russian collusion allegations? How about a call for protests on the streets? How about a call again for Trump to release his tax returns so we can see his financial ties to Russia? It seems obvious the national Democratic Party leadership is not standing up to Trump to the point of complicity. I understand that more indictments are coming and there’s time for a stronger response, but if the responses continue to be this tepid, the Democratic Party is going to lose voters and lose elections.

After the charges were announced, Pelosi weighed in with a call for yet another “fully independent” Russia investigation, which was extremely confusing, seemed to undermine Mueller’s exacting work and, again, lacked any real harsh criticism of Trump. Perez simply criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for not speaking out about the charges. This isn’t opposition. It’s a type of apathy that’s dangerous to our country.

Pelosi, in particular, as a Representative in the House should call for impeachment proceedings. Impeachment articles must be presented by the House. Of course, the Republicans won’t allow that to happen right now, but they might be the minority party in 2019. Now is the time to act both on principle and on the strategy level. Why is that so hard to understand for Pelosi and other centrist-right Democrats to understand? The failure to speak up is just as bad as the actions that demand it.

Towing a centrist line and downplaying the tragedy of the Trump presidency going into the 2018 elections is a losing strategy. More than ever, the DNC needs to find a fighting voice based on unapologetic liberal principles. The lukewarm official Democratic response to Trump’s corruption will push liberals away from the party.

Let’s face it. Trump and the Republicans are in the process of destroying this country and its democratic structures and the leaders of the supposed opposition party can’t even bring themselves to put up a fight.

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