Senate Tax Cut Proposal Benefits Trump, His Family, Other Wealthy People The Most

(”Remember. Republicans’ tax plan is not written for average Americans, for teachers, students and homeowners. It’s written to give huge breaks to corporations and the very wealthiest people in this country.”—U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders)

Let’s be clear after Senate Republicans unveiled their tax-cut proposal Thursday that this is an attempt to shift massive amounts money to the richest people in country benefiting people like Donald Trump and his family the most.

It’s immoral and indecent that a rich billionaire businessman and United States president would push a tax plan that only further enriches himself personally and people like him. Trump, as we know, is a corrupt liar and malignant narcissist, and this gambit—to essentially try to pass a law that allows him to steal from the national treasury—shows again he lacks any empathy much less compassion for ordinary Americans.

What’s worse, his supporters don’t care and will never care how Trump hurts them for his own benefit and ego.

The media here can’t bring itself to use the words “oligarch” or “dictator” or “steal” when it’s happening in its own country, but that’s the language we need right now if we’re going to stop the nightmare. The oligarch Trump is a brazenly corrupt leader, who colluded with other oligarchs and a hostile foreign nation to get elected, and he’s now using his position to try to steal money from and ruin the lives of ordinary American people.

Stop wading through how the proposed tax cuts will affect you just for a minute. (The changes in the House and Senate proposals and the multi-layered frames used by the media often turn it all into mush, anyway.) That is a trap Republicans want you to fall in. As you add up your hits and your scraps, it’s easy to forget the larger picture, which is exactly what Republicans want. As you figure out your bracket, and, say, try to determine how the reduction or elimination of deductions, such as state and local taxes, might affect you, it turns into a competition with other people just trying to make it like you. Meanwhile, the super wealthy are popping open the champagne.

As U.S. Rep. Chris Collins, a Republican from New York, put it, “My donors are basically saying, ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again.'” That’s donors as in extremely rich donors, such as the Koch brothers, who basically want more money right now, and then more money down the road, even if it means the annihilation of the middle class in this country.

Here’s the condensed information about the House and Senate tax-cut plans that tell the story: (1) Corporations, like those operated under the Trump empire, will get a 15 percent cut in taxes, (2) individuals and families in the top tax bracket would see their income taxes drop. (Under the Senate plan the corporation tax cut is delayed until 2019.) This adds up to billions and billion of dollars for the richest 1 percent. Meanwhile, as tax analysts note, middle-class families would either see a increase in their taxes or a slight decrease. It all depends on the state in which you live and your itemized deductions and what final plan gets passed if it does. The confusion is intentional and gives the Republicans cover for their lies.

U.S. Rep. Suzan Delblene exposed the outrageous discrepancies in a recent hearing about the House tax plan, which is even worse than the Senate plan for ordinary Americans.

But let’s get back to Trump. Since he hasn’t released his tax returns like presidents before him and has declined to release detailed information about his business dealings, we have no way of knowing how much exactly he will benefit personally under the proposals. What we know for sure is that the gigantic cut of 15 percent in the corporation tax would surely benefit his empire and lead to higher profits for him and his family. The Senate proposal to decrease individual taxes by 1.1 percent for no good reason on the wealthy would also benefit him.

Trump and his surrogates will lie about how the plan will help the middle class, but the bottom line is that the president is using his office and power to take money away from the middle class so he can personally receive a huge tax break. That’s exactly what dictators and authoritarian leaders do in non-democratic countries. It’s just sugar coated here by the machinations of Congress and paid “experts” willing to lie or distort the truth for their own careers. The media here reports it as “bombshell” political news. When it happens in another country, the media here reports it as corruption.

Cutting taxes on corporations in such a major way will not help regular Americans or the economy. It will line the pockets of filthy rich people with even more money in our unequal society. Call it what it is. It’s stealing from the hard-working people in the middle class so a privileged few can have even more money, money they will never spend but might just park in an offshore account so they can avoid paying taxes at all on their new windfall.

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