Trump Pressures Sessions To Investigate Clinton

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, feeling public pressure by his boss Donald Trump, has opened the door for possible special counsel investigations into Trump’s former political opponent Hillary Clinton.

The move by Sessions, who keeps changing his story on the Trump regime’s obvious collusion with Russian, is calculated to deflect attention away from news now spilling out about Trump son’s—Donald Jr.—coordinated relationship with Wikileaks in a joint effort to sway the 2016 presidential election in Trump’s favor.

Unfortunately, mainstream media outlets are watering down the story that Trump is manipulating Sessions and the Justice Department to get at one of his former opponents despite overwhelming evidence.

Let’s just look at two of Trump’s tweets on Nov. 3.

If that’s not an open message to the Justice Department to investigate Clinton, then what is? Of course, Sessions was more than happy to comply, although Trump denied it had anything to do with Trump, a denial widely reported by the media as if it could actually be true. In testimony Tuesday about the possibility of an investigation into Clinton, Sessions said, “The Department of Justice can never be used to retaliate politically against opponents. That would be wrong.”

Yet, we need to be clear, it was Sessions who signed off on ordering DOJ prosecutors Monday to look into opening such an investigation into Clinton. He’s responsible.There was no real pushback on this point from the media, which amazingly seem to side with Sessions’ downplaying his action despite his previous lies in Senate testimony.

Openly ordering investigations of political opponents, usually the purview of authoritarian dictatorships and despots, is a dangerous use of power that calls into question an entire legal system. If leaders can simply order up false charges against their opponents, then the rule of law doesn’t exist.

Sessions, who suddenly remembers the Trump campaign’s connections with Russian operatives when the evidence is overwhelming, maintained Tuesday that he just didn’t recollect the times in which Russian influence into the election came up in the 2016 campaign in which he served as an advisor.

Undoubtedly, the “failure to recollect” will be his defense into the future as more information becomes available, and he gets caught again in his web of deceit.

It was recently revealed Trump’s son, Donald Jr., had communicated personally with Wikileaks during the campaign. Wikileaks, according to national security analysts, had worked with Russia operatives to release damaging emails and information about Hillary Clinton during the campaign with encouragement by the Trump campaign. Sessions obfuscation over a possible investigation into Clinton is part of an effort to minimize the impact of that revelation.

Meanwhile, one wonders what it will take for mainstream media to wise up. It’s obvious the Trump campaign colluded with Russian and its interests to sway the election, it’s obvious Sessions is lying about what he knows about that collusion and it’s obvious Trump has ordered the DOJ to find dirt on Clinton in order to deflect attention away from his own and his regime’s corrupt behavior.

Democracy depends at this point on the fact that the media can state facts openly. That it isn’t doing so is concerning.

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