A Presidential Shoutout To His Base: Trump Makes Clear He Still Endorses Racism, Religious Bigotry

Donald Trump endorsed through Twitter this week the English organization Britain First, which espouses fascist principles, including racism, religious bigotry and extreme nationalism.

For good measure, after his racist retweet storm, Trump then told off England’s Prime Minister Theresa May, who criticized Trump for his support of the recognized hate group in her country.

Trump’s supporters and his Republican surrogates in the House and Senate will tell us all to laugh it off as another presidential spectacle that must be interpreted in some context outside of the actual act of retweeting hate-filled lies. The national Democratic Party leadership, culpable as well, won’t even mount an effective protest against Trump’s very real embrace of fascism once again. They might ask the rank-and-file for money in response to it, but that’s about it. Most Americans, of course, will just ignore it all. This is how a country becomes a totalitarian state.

It’s long past time to sweep away the qualifications and false equivalences. Trump’s actions clearly indicate that he represents a fascist threat to our democracy. The fact a former prominent Ku Klux Klan member, David Duke, openly celebrated Trump’s endorsement of hatred and bigotry is a telling sign.

Trump retweeted three posts by Jayda Fransen, described as a deputy leader of Britain First, a right-wing nationalistic organization. Each tweet contained a video, which purportedly showed Muslims attacking non-Muslims. The point of the tweets, which Trump tacitly endorsed by retweeting them, was to generate hate against Muslims and the religion of Islam in general.

Here are the three retweets followed by Trump’s tweet attacking May.

The authenticity of the videos are highly questionable. The first video has been called a fake by the Dutch media. The video of the man with the statue is so sophomoric it seems like a cartoon. The third video is completely ambiguous. Trump’s message to May after she called Trump out for simply getting it “wrong” is so highly inappropriate it’s as if he wants to sever a relationship with one of our country’s most important allies. May and her conservative government see Britain First as a hate group and say so openly.

Jayda Fransen, it should be noted, has been convicted of a hate crime in England. This is the person Trump gave an immense amount of publicity and credence to by retweeting her, and she later tweeted her thanks. Here’s more information about the extremist Fransen and the hate group Britain First.

Trump, of course, got elected through racist appeals and promoting hatred against Islam in general. Many of the 62.9 million people who voted for him were openly racist at his rallies and those who didn’t openly endorse his white supremacist agenda obviously weren’t repulsed about by it enough to not vote for an unhinged bigot. American oligarchs and their surrogates, with some exceptions, are selling their silence for a huge tax cut, but it’s always a risky strategy to embrace Trump.

Until the national Democratic Party leadership, the mainstream media and people upset over the fascist direction Trump is leading the country recognize that he and those who support him are enemies of democracy, the liar-in-chief will continue his assault on the U.S. Constitution and the country’s basic humanitarian values.

It’s an understatement at this point to claim these are not normal times in this country. These are frightening, appalling times in which we’re living, and if you’re not paying attention and speaking up about it then you’re part of the country’s demise.

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