Trump, Capitalism and the Final Moral Failure of Conservative Evangelicals

American Christian right-wing evangelicals now give allegiance not to the values of their denomination’s namesake but to his antithesis, Donald Trump, a corrupt and sordid political leader who encapsulates all at once capitalism’s complete moral failure.

Polling data shows that 81 percent of people describing themselves as white, born-again evangelical Christians voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election and there has been little to no erosion of their support for him, certainly among their leadership, despite Trump’s violation of important religious tenets to which they supposedly ascribe.

The values of Christianity and capitalism, under the viewpoint of these immoral evangelicals, currently embody Trump’s greed, selfishness, anger, misogyny and racial hatred. The evangelicals, through their silence, endorse his adultery, daily lying, laziness, anger, meanness and hatred of the poor or the “losers,” as their bloated, gluttonous leader might put it. The Christian right proves its own immorality through its incapability or open defiance to accept truth and facts. As anything more than a political stance, Christianity is dead to a growing number of people in this country, which can be directly attributed to the immoral and craven right-wing religious movement and, more importantly, the capitalistic system that enslaves them and distorts their thinking.

The good news is that the number of Americans who described themselves as Christians, especially among millennials, has been in a steep landslide over the last several years. It’s not a
trend; it’s an awakening. It’s not surprising either that at the same time there’s a growing interest among millennials in socialism. The undemocratic and disproportionate influence of hypocritical, right-wing evangelicals on the country’s political system is a major part of the socialistic awakening.

We can leave it to the hypocrites like the Rev. Franklin Graham and other millionaire megachurch pastors in the U.S. to parse out how they can reconcile the compelling but fictional story of Jesus in the Bible with their new adored savior, but Karl Marx’s argument remains as valid today as it was in the nineteenth century. Under the evangelicals’ own belief system, they will now burn in a magical, fantasy hell with fire and brimstone, which is the utter nonsense or “opium” that until now has helped regenerate the capitalistic system, according to Marx.

What’s much more important to reiterate is that the core values of socialism, the rejection of belief in a monolithic god or Christianity, combined with the embrace of humanistic values and basic empathy for all people, are inseparable from living a moral, fully engaged life.

History shows us the evangelical embrace of Trump is simply part of a long tradition of Christian immorality and hypocrisy, including the centuries-long Crusades starting in the eleventh century, the Salem witch trials in the seventeenth century and the complicity in killing six million Jewish people under the Hitler regime in the twentieth century. When Christianity embraces evil, as it has done throughout history, it becomes evil. What’s different this time is that the old religious superstitions have been forever eroded, humanistic values outside the Christian framework are now growing exponentially generation by generation and the disgrace of capitalism has been permanently exposed by the Trump regime and the world’s wealthiest people as a collection of lies and brainwashing.

To be sure, overall Christianity has had historical moments in which it functioned with some moral clarity and empathetic impulses in favor of humanity and its masses, but its myths will never hold up to empirical and scientific scrutiny. The vulgarity of Trump reveals the vulgarity of capitalism and its exploitive nature central to its survival. American right-wing evangelicals have openly revealed their complicity again with the capitalist morass through their worship of a new wealthy demigod, but the hypocrisy and hatred is too stark and won’t be ignored this time around.

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