King of Lies

It calls at this point for an academic psychological study measuring how long President Donald Trump’s supporters will continue to worship their unhinged ruler and his court despite the brazen lies.

Trump infamously told this zinger during his campaign about his lapdog acolytes: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” We might presume Trump wouldn’t actually shoot anyone—at least HE personally wouldn’t shoot anyone—but of all the terrible things he has done and said as president it may well take porn star Stormy Daniels to really test the president’s hypothesis.

Trump has now fully conceded he lied when he essentially told the American people a few months ago that he knew nothing about the $130,000 his lawyer paid the porn star Stephanie Clifford—Stormy Daniels is her stage name—to remain silent about the nature of her interaction with the married Trump in 2006. In tweets this week, Trump admitted he actually knew about the payment and shrugged it off as just a typical situation that’s “very common among celebrities and people of wealth.” That’s what the media deems as a statement by a “populist” in these upside-down days.

This is not even about the matter of an actual sexual liaison between a porn star and the United States president. When it comes to Trump’s personal life, well, that’s nothing for him. It’s the fact he just admitted he previously lied about the matter, and he knows his supporters won’t care. It’s the emperor without clothes admitting he’s actually not wearing clothes and, hey, what are you going to do about it already? These clothes are damn fine, and what about Hillary Clinton’s emails, anyway?

So just how long will the Republican Party leadership and Trump’s supporters continue to support a president who obviously cannot be trusted to speak truthfully at any level in his professional and about his personal life? Harvard University should do a psychological measurement study before we no longer live in a democracy. The question is rhetorical and existential as well, and, as gaudy as the once-upon-a-time story of the president and the porn star might be, it’s important to the well-being of what’s left of our declining democracy.

Donald Trump is the liar of all liars, the King of the Lie, the master of big and petty lies, America’s most famous lyingest liar ever, who made his money lying and became president by lying and now lies and lies and lies whenever he wants without penalty. His supporters not incidentally love him for his lies and lie themselves to qualify his lies. It’s normal and conventional to lie now or so the media reports.

We have become overwhelmed and suffocated by lies because of Trump, and it threatens our democracy just like in the past here and elsewhere.

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