There Is No Blue Wave

Hope rests not with conventional strategies but with adopting a clear agenda that includes but is not limited to Medicare for all, a guaranteed basic income for all people, affordable housing, strengthening Social Security, student loan debt forgiveness, free college tuition and an aggressive response by our government to global warming. All these initiatives are genuinely possible despite the claims of some establishment Democrats, such as U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Not Normal Never No Way

Will the United States continue to be governed by an authoritarian and anti-democratic narcissist surrounded by unqualified sycophants and opportunists or will it elect decisive Democratic Party majorities in the House and Senate that will provide desperately needed checks and balances on President Donald Trump’s chaotic tyranny?

Capitalism Is An AR-15

Unfortunately, there are more than enough oligarchs and more than enough immoral politicians, such as House Majority Leader Paul Ryan, to ensure the child killings will continue on a regular basis. The National Rifle Association is not going to change its agenda or relent in his open purpose to arm a nation and create civil strife and division with gun violence. This country could have a mass shooting at a school on a weekly basis and the NRA would still distribute its immoral propaganda.

The Opposite Of Capitalism Is Consciousness

All of its components, from corporate control of government to the lies of relentless advertising, work together in an intoxicating cloud of obfuscation and lies. Capitalism depends on a lack of self-awareness and it marginalizes those who oppose it through absorption or marginalization. The opposite of capitalism is consciousness.

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