Time For Mainstream Media To Ditch False Equivalencies

We can all understand the dilemma mainstream media outlets face. Does the very act of just reporting on Trump’s latest bizarre tweet or action normalize it to some degree? Should Trump simply be ignored at times? The answer is yes to both questions. But the real answer to righteously covering the immoral Trump is to discard the old “both sides” rhetorical format used by journalists and state the truth unequivocally.

Zuckerberg Gets Another Sorry Pass

Zuckerberg stressed so many times that the Facebook mission was to “bring the world closer together,” or some version of that, that it became, for me at least, an Orwellian-like slogan with fascist overtones. I realize the word fascism, under the Trump presidency, is getting used a lot these days, but Zuckerberg’s constant repetition of the refrain gave it an eerie Big-Brother quality and his refusal to simply concede openly that Facebook exists to make money made it The Big Lie. What’s Zuckerberg and Facebook going to do with the world once it’s all brought together under one platform? The idea that money is somehow secondary to the mission of Facebook is ludicrous, just another corporate deflection. For the record, Facebook deploys personal data to micro-target its users for advertising that generates billions of dollars of year in revenues. That is why it exists.

Narrow Capitalistic Analyses of Stock Market Volatility Only Reinforce Inequality

Stock market swings and the accompanying breathless media coverage become yet another deflection that shuts down before it even gets going a widespread discussion about the failures of capitalism, which exploits workers, embraces inequality and most often rewards the most immoral, racist, corrupt and hateful people among us, such as Trump and his family. Capitalism is the opposite of freedom and equal opportunity. The ideas of socialism once again deserve robust debate at this crucial juncture in our country’s history.

The Opposite Of Capitalism Is Consciousness

All of its components, from corporate control of government to the lies of relentless advertising, work together in an intoxicating cloud of obfuscation and lies. Capitalism depends on a lack of self-awareness and it marginalizes those who oppose it through absorption or marginalization. The opposite of capitalism is consciousness.

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