Amazon Benefits From An Immoral Taxation Code Created By Capitalism

The philosophy of socialism is rooted in equality and that includes embracing the ideas of livable incomes and opportunities for all people. Equality and income fairness will never happen under the oppression and unfairness demanded by unfettered capitalism. There will never be widespread opportunity for people in this country when a company that makes $5.6 billion in annual profits doesn’t have to pay a share for the common good at all.

California Democratic Delegates Reject Feinstein

But many California Democrats know the resistance to Trump begins in their state and, frankly, doesn’t include their senior U.S. Senator. Republicans here will not be as motivated to vote as Democrats in the 2018 elections. It’s way too early to declare Feinstein the winner just because she has more money than any other candidate she can use to buy herself another victory.

Expendable Lives

After the Parkland shooting, Wayne LaPierre, the director of the NRA, talked about a wave of “socialism” that would demand what socialists and people on both the left and right see as sensible gun laws, such as banning assault weapons. People on the left should embrace, not run away from the word “socialism” as LaPierre uses it.

Capitalism Is An AR-15

Unfortunately, there are more than enough oligarchs and more than enough immoral politicians, such as House Majority Leader Paul Ryan, to ensure the child killings will continue on a regular basis. The National Rifle Association is not going to change its agenda or relent in his open purpose to arm a nation and create civil strife and division with gun violence. This country could have a mass shooting at a school on a weekly basis and the NRA would still distribute its immoral propaganda.

Equality and Socialism: American Left Should Embrace Moral Framework Of Humanity

It’s not about the rhetoric of the message or trying to understand how a Trump supporter’s dark mind does or doesn’t work. Evil always transcends a certain level of understanding. It’s about liberals standing up for real ideas that diametrically oppose the exploitation of capitalism—ideas like universal health care, vastly improved income equality, affordable housing and equal access to education, for example—that would help the vast majority of people considerably improve their basic material lives.

It Does Cost Too Much

The exploitation and oppression of capitalism can and often does result in people dying. In fact, the specter of death due to unaffordable health care is a central component that capitalism uses to scare the masses of people in this country to keep them in line so they will work their entire lives to enrich a relatively few wealthy people.

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