Old School Capitalism Posing As Social Innovation

The real, prevailing tension is between the obscenely wealthy people in the world—a relatively few thousand capitalists reaping all the rewards of an unfair financial system along with their surrogates—and the masses of people struggling to get by and living in financial insecurity. For example, income inequality and lack of basic opportunity is an issue that concerns many nationalists on the right and all democratic socialists like myself in the U.S. on the left. The two groups have serious and important moral disagreements, but people on both sides believe citizens of their countries should be able to make a livable wage.

The Opposite Of Capitalism Is Consciousness

All of its components, from corporate control of government to the lies of relentless advertising, work together in an intoxicating cloud of obfuscation and lies. Capitalism depends on a lack of self-awareness and it marginalizes those who oppose it through absorption or marginalization. The opposite of capitalism is consciousness.

The American Oligarchy

The big news over the weekend was the information revealed by the so-called Paradise Papers that connected so many Donald Trump associates to Russia business interests that it seems certain at this point that Trump and his campaign surrogates directly and unequivocally colluded with that hostile nation to sway the U.S. presidential election in 2016.