Social Unrest Brews But Hidden By Trump Chaos

The desperate struggles for existence on a daily basis under an uncaring, authoritarian presidential administration and Congressional and Senate GOP majorities owned by corporate money don’t get the sensational media treatment granted to a typical outlandish Trump tweet or his most recent impulsive move, but the backlash simmers and it will come eventually.

Television Industry Mindlessly Handed Trump His Big Forum And Now The Show Goes On

The corporate media, sustained for years by advertisements filled with falsehoods and misinformation, fuels the breathless drama of their own creation. The inane talking-head cable shows with overwrought commentary spliced between crass commercialistic harangues have lowered the political discourse in this country as much as anything else and that includes reductionist social media.

Expendable Lives

After the Parkland shooting, Wayne LaPierre, the director of the NRA, talked about a wave of “socialism” that would demand what socialists and people on both the left and right see as sensible gun laws, such as banning assault weapons. People on the left should embrace, not run away from the word “socialism” as LaPierre uses it.

Equality and Socialism: American Left Should Embrace Moral Framework Of Humanity

It’s not about the rhetoric of the message or trying to understand how a Trump supporter’s dark mind does or doesn’t work. Evil always transcends a certain level of understanding. It’s about liberals standing up for real ideas that diametrically oppose the exploitation of capitalism—ideas like universal health care, vastly improved income equality, affordable housing and equal access to education, for example—that would help the vast majority of people considerably improve their basic material lives.

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